History of the Homes

The Trust was founded by a deed dated 22nd December 1885 by Sarah Letticia Berrow in memory of her parents. A few years earlier her father had purchased the site, previously known as The Bowling Green, probably with the intention of erecting the Homes or something similar. Miss Berrow carried out his wishes by building four cottages facing the Warwick Road. Later, the gardener’s house, Clutton Cottage, was converted into three more dwellings, now known as Nos 2, 4 and 6 Kenilworth Road.

The four original homes on the High Street have been added to over the years, bringing the total number of dwellings to 29. The majority of these have recently been extended and modernised to suit either single or double occupancy. There is a communal day room which can be used as a guest suite and a fully-equipped laundry, although most dwellings have space and plumbing for a washing machine.

In order to pay for the running of the properties a weekly maintenance contribution is payable and residents must comply with the terms of the licence for the occupation of the homes, as set out in the resident’s handbook. Being an Almshouse Charity there is no rental agreement as normally exists for let properties.

The Charity is administered by voluntary Trustees and day-to-day administration is carried out by the Clerk to the Trustees and the Homes Manager.

Almshouses are unfurnished dwellings, usually specially designed with the needs of older people in mind. The aim is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting which allows residents to live independently, coming and going as they please.

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