“A nice cup of tea and a friendly chat”

“I love living at Berrow Cottage Homes, you always feel safe and secure with a lovely friendly warden, who lives on site and is always willing to help if needed. You may live alone, but that does not mean you have to be lonely, our wonderful Residents’ lounge is a lovely way to enjoy each others company with a nice cup of tea and a friendly chat. Living so close to Knowle High Street is an added advantage, it has all the amenities you could possibly need, with its friendly local shops, doctors, banks, post office, chemist and Parish Church with lots of activities to suit everyone, plus if you wish to go further afield there are bus stops and a nearby railway station.” – V. D.

“I couldn’t be happier”

I have been at Berrow Homes for ten years. It is a lovely place to live in. My first floor flat has everything we need. We are very near shops and bus stops and are looked after. I couldn’t be happier anywhere else. My thanks to the Trustees for being here” – E. J

“Nice walks”

“I have found that shops are convenient and so too the transport; bus service and trains. There are nice walks on the canal. There is also a lounge to sit and talk to fellow residents.” – J. M.

“My own front door”

“I like having my own front door. Nice outlook to the garden, very peaceful. I enjoy sitting watching the birds. Caring staff. I like it here at Berrow Homes.” – M. S.

“Never looked back”

“I lived in London for a number of years and started to get health problems. When my son arranged for me to come to Berrow Cottage Homes, I was very happy having the interview with trustees. I was lucky and was offered a home here and have never looked back. I love everything about living here in Knowle. Sandra our warden is always here for all of us. Everyone at Berrow are all so friendly and the surrounding area is beautiful. I am very happy here. It is a great place to live.” – B. C.

“Very happy”

“I have lived here at Berrow Cottages for the past 22 years and have been very happy, everyone has their own front door. We have a lovely community room which we use regularly to meet up for a chat and a cup of tea. The village is on your doorstep which is very convenient for local shops and the bus stop is just across the road if you want to go to Solihull.” – B. G.

“Very caring staff”

“A very caring staff plus good atmosphere all round. I love having my own front door, good independent living. The flat has been well thought out for us to manage for longer on our own. Has lovely bay windows in sitting room and bedroom. Feels safe with lovely gardens to sit or walk in. I am 76 now, this is the best place I have ever lived in, close to the bus stops and very handy for all the shops. All on a level surface. I feel very lucky to be living here at Berrow Cottage Homes.” – S. F.

“Quite independent”

“My husband and myself have lived at Berrow Cottage Homes since 2004, living in one of the Victorian cottages. We are quite independent though we do have an onsite warden who is at hand to ensure you are comfortable and helps to sort out any problems that may arise.” – Mr & Mrs R.